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Many organisations make decisions based on cost, but often fail to answer the most important questions when acquiring vehicles for a fleet. 

Remember to answer the following questions and optimise your fleet:

  • How many passengers will the vehicle carry?
  • What loads will it carry?
  • Where will the vehicle be driven?
  • Does the vehicle have specific ergonomic features?

A key mistake when fleet selection takes place is to start by considering the make, model and list price of the vehicle. The best practice approach would be to work in collaboration with the managers, drivers and key personnel to identify the actual vehicle need, its role/operational requirements, its HR objectives and take a stepped approach to identify the most suitable vehicle that is fit for purpose.

This offer includes:

  1. a short fit for purpose evaluation after completing the survey, 
  2. a downloadable checklist 
  3. the opportunity to book an appointment with a fit for purpose expert from EQSTRA Fleet Management, and 
  4. a chance to become part of a South African fit for purpose case study.

If you are not sure of the answer to any of the questions or do not have this information, please indicate in the unknown check box or contact us directly.

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